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Build a top tier online presence.

Hi! Are you looking for

a killer website?

high conversion advertising?

stunning branding?

1 stop business launching?

What We Can Do for You

Get it done professionally, with style.

Website that WOWs

Web development is the foundation of our business. Websites we build are packed with the most sophisticated aesthetics & functionalities. They captivate visitors at first sight. With integrations such as payment, booking & 3rd party API, they can greatly streamline your workflow.

Online advertising is the most efficient way to sell products & promote services. Our advertising campaigns are dedicated to one goal only: getting you high quality leads that convert into sales.

Ads that are lead magnets

Eye grabbing branding

Branding is how you win over customers. We design appealing logos, icons & images that can be used consistently across your online platforms.

1 stop business launching is our most popular service. Business owners need website, branding & advertising in order to launch their business. With us, you get all of that in 1 stop.

Launch it in 1 stop

Us, the Other Guy, or DIY?

Is quality important to you? It sure is to us.

1 Stop Coder

The other guy



1 stop business launching

Website & SEO


Logo, business card & brochure

PPC ads & email drip campaigns

Industry-specific knowledge


SEO & Google Ads

Boring website template

Low conversion website

Amateur branding

Wasted advertising budget


Website payment

Website booking

Website social media

Email automation

API feature on demand

Static website

Few functions

Restricted by template

Limited functions


Streamlined communication

15 - 20 days build time, quality guaranteed

Bureaucratic communication

Lengthy build time

7 - 10 days of YOUR time

Stressful learning & building

Amateur result


Hosted on AWS server

Real-time monitoring and logging

On-demand load handling

SSL included (https://)

Shared hosting

Crowded shared server

Cheap hosting

Crowded shared server

Crash under heavy traffic


Your dedicated support

Lifetime update and maintenance

Your dedicated marketing agent

Lifetime update and maintenance

Phone support

Lifetime update and maintenance


Transparent & tiered pricing

No gimmicks

Quote based system

$10k - $15k astronomical price due to high overhead cost

Upfront 50% deposit required

Low cost to start

Gimmicky pricing starts to add up

Created by 1 Stop Coder

Set benchmarks, break limits & exceed expectations.


What We Value

Our mission statement.

Bring the best online presence to our clients through innovative technologies and creative designs.

Founder & Chief Web Developer

Jake Ni