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Quality Ads that Convert

Precisely targeted ads & high conversion landing pages.

Quality over Quantity

We understand the importance of conversion rate. That's why we always prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to lead generation & e-commerce sales. We sift through the market and narrow down on the perfect audience for your business.

We target buyers, not shoppers.

We target qualified candidates, not someone who's just browsing.

There are so many ads online, why should a customer click on yours?

Our answer to this question is clever ads + creative landing pages. That is how we make sure your ad stands out from the competition. That's also how the landing pages we build are able to convert more sales.

Clever & Creative

Analyze, Test & Improve

Data is of paramount importance to any marketing company.

Our proprietary analytics app is able to gather a wide range of data and draw accurate conclusions. This tells us what's working and what's not. It allows us to make changes to improve performance.

Big budgets do big wonders. But you don't need a big budget to get results.

We work with clients with budgets ranging from $5000 to $500 per month. We are able to produce great return on investment at all levels of budget.

Flexible Budget Levels

Unmatched User Experience

Creatively designed landing pages that maximize conversion.

Performance, in numbers

Quality leads that convert.

Real Life Example

A typical week for A to Z Lending Team in Seattle, WA.

12 high-quality leads generated
8 leads responded
6 leads followed through
$4.8M in collective lead value
4 leads closed
Winner winner chicken dinner


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What is the minimum amount of leads/sales you promise per month?

Each pricing tier of each service has its guaranteed minimum leads/sales. Please go to our online advertising pricing page to see the details.

What platforms do you offer advertising service on?

We currently offer advertising service on Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. We will soon be offering advertising service on SnapChat, TikTok & Pinterest.

What is the term length of your advertising contract and how is it billed?

All of our advertising services are month to month and billed monthly.