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Rob's Success Story - Straitside Fishing Resort in Sekiu, WA

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by Jake Ni
Published: 3-3-2022
Updated: 3-3-2022
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Rob Riley - Owner of Straitside Resort in Sekiu, WA


Rob was referred to us by one of our physical therapist clients. During our initial meeting with him, he said he just bought a fishing resort in Sekiu - a small fishing town on the Olympic Peninsula.

As a smart business owner, Rob knew it's important to have a top tier website for the fishing resort.

We quickly signed a contract together and got to work.


Rob is an avid photographer. He sent us some amazing photos to place on the site.

In Sekiu, Rob was busy cleaning up the old resort and getting things ready for the upcoming halibut season.


2 months later, we launched the website for Rob. The site has booking.com interation, appointment scheduling and other functionalities, all tied together by a modern design.

Rob got the resort ready for business at the same time. So it was all perfect timing.


Fast forward to year 2022, Rob's resort is booming. Business has been great despite the pandemic. His website is ranking high in Google searches for keywords like "fishing resorts on the Olympic peninsula". His customers are utilizing his website for booking rooms.

If you ever consider a vacation filled with seafaring and fishing on the Olympic peninsula, give Rob a call at (206) 380-5087


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