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Restaurants, Forget Delivery Platforms. Use Your Own Website to Take Online Orders!

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by Jake Ni
Published: 2-13-2021
Updated: 2-16-2021
15 min read

 First, I hope your restaurant is surviving and thriving. The world is on its way back to normal. Together we'll make it through!

The pandemic has only accelerated what was an emerging trend - conducting business online. And online food ordering is no exception. But the real question for restaurant owners is: 

Are you leveraging online ordering as much as you could be? Or are you seeing your profits slowly chip away in fees charged by delivery platforms?

"Orders keep coming in from GrubHub, but money is not coming into my pockets!"

If you're tired of not being able to capture orders online, or paying too much in fees to platforms like GrubHub, then you'll love the solution we propose:

Use your own website to take online orders!

"Wait what? We have a website!" "Websites have been around forever." "We only have pictures/pdf of our menu." "Can my website do that?" "Is it expensive to add that function?"

Well, let me show you the reasons why a next-gen website can allow you to take orders online and SAVE YOU A TON OF MONEY in fees. We'll also show you how we can build an online ordering system into your website at a really affordable cost.

artwork by our team at 1 Stop Coder, with meme from

Today's Websites Are Extremely Powerful

Many restaurant owners hold the belief that website is just for listing business hours and displaying menu pictures. And sadly this is the actual case for most restaurants that have a website.

However, today's websites are capable of so much more than that.

Take this restaurant website we built for example. They are Grandma Candy's Kitchen, a caterer based in the Seattle area. 

Showing is better than telling. Visit the site, interact with it, add a few items to cart, proceed to checkout, and you'll see how functional the website is.

Grandma Candy's Kitchen

Better yet, the restaurant also gets a back end management portal on the same website, where they can upload/modify/delete menu items, manually open/close the business, change item availability, and confirm orders.

This powerful website allows them to run their business 100% online. It has saved them so much money in overhead cost, which would otherwise be spent on a physical checkout process.

Save You a Ton of Money in Fees

Now you've seen the power of a modern restaurant website, but you're still on the fence.

"Well, I can take online orders from GrubHub, UberEats and Doordash. Why do I need a next-gen website?"

Great question. That leads to the second benefit of having your own website:

Pay WAYYYYYYYY less in fees than you would on delivery platforms.

As of the day this article is written.

Grubhub charges an average of 15-25% commission per order.

UberEats charges restaurants 15-30%, depending on whether you use their drivers or your own.

ChowNow charges restaurants $99 monthly and a $199 setup fee for each location.

Eat24 charges a fixed percentage which results in 12.5% of a restaurant’s net online sales.

On average, delivery platforms charge anywhere between 15-30% in fees.

Here are a few comparisons we've made by pitting a typical restaurant website we build against a few delivery platforms. The results speak for themselves.

comparisons made by our team at 1 Stop Coder

As you can see, you could easily save an average of $535.5 in fees every day!

Not to mention, you get to keep 100% of the tips. And kiss goodbye to those horror stories of delivery drivers scamming you of free food which you had to eat the cost of.

Easy for Your Customers to Use

Let's go back to the Grandma Candy's Kitchen website example.

It is really easy for customers to filter the menu items. Only interested in "Burgers & Stuff"? One click and the items are instantly filtered.

If the customer decides to close the website, when they come back the items will still be in the cart. How convenient is that?

The website will automatically open/close based on the business hour you set. You also have the option to do that manually.

menu items & shopping cart

The checkout process is super streamlined as well. Customers put in their info and their credit card, then boom! Their order is on its way to you the restaurant owner to be reviewed and confirmed.

checkout process

The best part is, this website is 100% optimized for mobile devices. So the customers are guaranteed a smooth, app-like ordering experience. This is crucial because nowadays mobile traffic accounts for at least 40% of all web traffic.

mobile friendly

Easy for You to Manage

Again, on the Grandma Candy's Kitchen website, back end management is built in. The owner can log into the admin portal at any time to perform the following actions:

1. Open/close store manually

2. Change the availability of menu items

3. Upload new menu items

4. Delete menu items

back end management for restaurant owners

Whenever an order comes in, the restaurant will receive an email with a summary of the order, and the complete order in a PDF file attached to the email. If all items are available, then the restaurant may click the "Confirm this Order" button to confirm it. The customer will only get charged when the order is confirmed. This prevents potential refunds of unavailable items. 

There is no need for printing out the order. Restaurants can do this on their computers, tablets or even their smartphones.

order confirmation email

Once the order is confirmed, the customer will receive a confirmation email and a receipt email. The whole process is smooth and seamless from start to finish.

Less Competition Than Delivery Platforms

Another big advantage of having your own website is having less competition.

Imagine a scenario where a customer opens GrubHub and sees a dozen other restaurants just like yours. Similar cuisine and similar price range. What's preventing them from trying out other restaurants rather than yours? 

But if you have your own website, the customer will have only one option: YOU.

One of the most common traffic source to websites is Google. Whether it's Google search or Google map. And the beautiful thing is, your website will show up as a button on the right! Even better, this button is usually shown above those delivery options. See the examples below:

easily get traffic from Google search

Customers also do a lot of searches like "XYZ restaurants near me" on Google Map. In this situation, your website will also show up prominently. Like this:

website on Google Map

Your website can also be search engine optimized. Meaning whenever a user searches for keywords that are related to your restaurant, your website will have a higher chance of showing up in search results.

These are only benefits that are directly related to ordering. There are so many other things you can do with your website. You can list FAQs, link your social media, display gallery of food items, team members, events, or just be really vocal about community engagement.

After all, a great web presence speaks loudly about a restaurant's reputation.

website FAQs

website gallery

How to Add Online Ordering to Your Website

First of all, hire a professional web development company to do it the right way. Things like online payment processing, database management & image storage are not casual tasks. So make sure the company you're working with is able to handle that reliably.

Our company, 1 Stop Coder would be a top choice.

If you don't have a website, then our developers will come in and build you a website from scratch, with online ordering functionality built-in, along with other features such as gallery, FAQ, etc. We'll also make sure your website is search engine optimized.

If you already have a website, we can build a separate site on the same domain, with online ordering functionality built-in. Then we'll link it to your existing website by adding a button that says "Order Online". Or we can revamp your entire website, if that's what you want.

Website development should be an ongoing service. It should not be a one-and-done deal. A responsible web development company will provide ongoing update and maintenance to the sites they build. Technology gets outdated or just downright breaks. So it's really important to have a developer on call in case anything goes South.

Our team at 1 Stop Coder is known for building powerful & affordable restaurant websites. Because our service is billed as a subscription, you'll always get the latest updates and features. And you'll always have a dedicated developer that you can call at any time.

Better yet, we are currently running a promo. For any restaurants with multiple locations, you pay normal price for the first website, and half price for all subsequent websites.

To get things started, click here to schedule a FREE virtual demo with one of our developers. Or call me(developer Jake Ni) directly at (206) 946-5478.


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