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Who are the 1 Stop Coders?

We are a group of talented web developers that have exceptionally high standards on websites.

We take pride in making constant effort to push new innovations and set new industry records. We take our clients' need seriously and develop a win-win relationship with them. We believe that your success means our success and your website is a testimony of our talent and effort.

How are we different?

Industry Leading Technology - Node.js Programming

We continue to set industry records in multiple aspects of our work. We are the first company to introduce a complete API payment system directly programmed on the website that supports financing. We are the first to use Node.js instead of PHP to program the servers of our websites. The list just goes on. And we will continue to introduce innovations that will benefit our clients in all aspects of their business operation.

1 Stop Coder - You Deal with One Person from Start to Finish

Almost all newly established businesses need website, online & offline marketing, and we figured why not make it a one-stop purchase? That is why 1 Stop Coders are not only genius programmers, they are also excellent graphic designers and communicators. We understand the frustration clients have when they have to email multiple persons in order to get the smallest things done.So we decided to train our developers to work with clients from start to finish.

Modular Production Line Method - Quality, Efficiency & Affordability

We took inspiration from the Ford Model T production line and apply it to our work flow. When our coders are not working with clients, they are spending hours on engineering new programs and modules that will later be assembled in production. Therefore when we do start a project, everything will be produced modularly. This means that we can produce quality websites in shorter time frame. And we know how important time is to our clients.

Honest & Flat Rate Pricing

Thanks to the versatile and one-stop nature of our programmers, we have no need to hire additional personnels. Therefore we are able to maintain a low overhead cost. This means savings for our clients! We decided to take the unconventional approach to pricing and use a mostly flat-rate system instead of a quote based system. We believe that honesty pays off in the long term.

Our Promise: Make You Stand Out from Competition & Streamline Your Work #NoNonsense

1 Stop Coder

Some Marketing Firm

DIY Builder, e.g. Squarespace


One-stop full-package service



Logo, business card, brochure

SEO & Google Ads



Logo, business card, brochure

SEO & Google Ads

Amateur website


Leading technology, Node.js, React & MongoDB

Website payment

Website appointment

Website social feed

Website automation

Enterprise application

Program on demand

Stale technology, WordPress, PHP & MySQL

Static website, no data flow

Few functions

Restricted by template

No function / programming


Deal with one person from start to finish

15 - 20 days build time without loss in quality

Bureaucracy, back-and-forth emails

Over a month build time

7 - 10 days of YOUR time


Hosted on Salesforce Heroku

Real-time monitoring and logging

On-demand load handling

Encrypted keys and token

Hosted with C-panel

File upload system, unable to monitor

Hosted with millions of others

Crowded server

Crash under heavy traffic


Your dedicated coder

Lifetime update and maintenance

Your dedicated marketing agent

Lifetime update and maintenance

Support agent

Lifetime update and maintenance


Honest flat-rated and prorated pricing

Competitive pricing thanks to efficient production process

No upfront or deposit required

Quote based system

$10k - $15k astronomical price due to high overhead cost

Upfront 50% deposit required

Low cost to start

Gimmicky pricing starts to add up

Real Reviews, Real People, Not Actors #ChevyCommercial

Happy Clients from Coast to Coast

Alaleh, owner/dentist of Lake Washington Dental

My new website is stunning. I keep getting compliments from colleagues. We are getting more new customers thanks to improved SEO ranking. Overall, I'm very satisfied!

See My Website

Convenient & Flexible

Our one-time payment function supports both fixed-price and self-specified amount. It is great for a conveient one-stop purchase. The payment form is able to collect any data you need, and it will be stored in your Stripe Dashboard for future management. A receipt is automatically sent to the purchaser's email upon payment success.

It supports all major card issuers and a large number of currencies.

The transaction fee (set by Stripe) is a flat 2.9% + 30c, one of the lowest in the industry.

The user never leaves your website.

One-time Payment

Natively Supported Subscription & Financing

Our industry-first subscription/financing function allows your customers to finance their bills directly on your website.

Subscription: Simply set different tiers and charge intervals, and enable your customers to subscribe to your service. They will be billed automatically.

Financing: Gives your customers the ability to specify a financing amount, financing term interval, and they will be billed automatically.

The user never leaves your website.

Subscription & Financing

Accounting & Management

With the © Stripe Dashboard, you are able to monitor your income, issue refund, manually charge or cancel payment, and export csv file to your CPA or Quickbook.

This feature occurs outside of your website.

Payment Management

Safety First

The days of PayPal monoply are gone. © Stripe Radar utilizes the latest machine learning technology to actively detect and terminate fraud. Card validation is blazing fast and accurate. Bank info protection comes with a zero loss track record.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Just a Few Clicks

Within a few clicks, your customers can view your availability, services, and schedule an appointment.

Embedded Website Scheduling

You Are in Charge

Your © Square app allows you to manage appointment, reschedule or cancel, set services and staff members.

Appointment Management

Attentive and Preventive

Your customers will get reminders sent to their email and/or phone prior to the appointment.

You are able to set a charge for no-show appointments.

Appointment Reminders

Authorized & Authenticated

Our app is authorized by Instagram and Twitter.

With and only with you authenticating our app are we able to fetch read-only data from your Twitter / Instagram.

Authorized Social Media App

Everything in Your Feed

We can display just about anything in your feed, including posts, photos, videos, comments, locations, shares and likes.

Rich Variety of Social Feed Data

Live Feed

Your server actively listens to your Twitter / Instagram API. Whenever you post, it will get instantly updated on your website.

Instant Post Update

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